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Despite more customers than ever using websites as their primary form of marketing, there’s no sign of the traditional flyers, cheap business cards or banners disappearing any time soon. Businesses both large and small know that these are cheap and effective ways of reaching local customers, and most prefer to outsource the printing and design of their marketing and advertising materials to an external printing company. Here’s what we can do to guarantee a great job and ensure that you leaflets/business cards represent what you need to represent you brand.


Face to Face Meeting

People still like the personal touch when it comes to buying products for their company so it’s always a great idea to invite the business owner or person responsible for printing to come and visit us to show them what can do. We allow them to look at some of our previous work. We can meet them at either your offices or ours, allowing us to talk in depth about your requirements and work out what sort of “feel” you are aiming for with your printing requirements. Are you a fun and funky young brand associated with bright colours and wacky fonts, or is your outlook more corporate, needing a more traditional design?


Design Brief for Your Business Cards

Sometimes clients will be very clear what they want and will have an internal design team who will put together the a speck for your business cards, advert or banner design. In those cases our job is easy, all we have to do is provide a competitive quote for printing, boxing and delivery, based on the quantity you require. With smaller companies however, we are sometimes asked to take on more of the design elements of the printing. If we meet with a company representative and get a feel for what your brand represents then we should be able to mock up a couple of ideas without too much difficulty. As a client you can email us across the text your require on your leaflet or business cards along with any logos or images you wish to use, and create a couple of alternatives for you to take a look at.




Discuss Alternatives to Cheap Business Cards

When dealing with a client who is new to buying business cards online or other printed material, you may just not be aware of the alternatives which are available or the cost implications of their decision. When discussing costs and options we like to give youa range of options – you may still decide to go for the full colour, double sided printed on top grade paper, but we like to make you aware that you can cut your costs by opting for single sided in black and white. If you have never printed these items before you may also have to provide guidance in terms of industry standard types of paper or quantities.


Proofing Business Cards Online

We provide a final version of any printed material to all of our clients before signing off for the full print run. Even if you don’t ask for final proofs, we will always send one over for signing off – it could avoid hassle and inconvenience later. We would not want to deliver 10,000 flyers or business cards that may not be what you are looking for.


Timescales when Printing

We will discuss print timescales with you over the phone so that we understand how urgent your requirement is. We can sometimes deliver an order a few hours earlier than quoted there is no additional charge for this, we are just happy to help. Our customers are far more likely to come back to us for printing business cards online in the future once they experience our service. We can delivery UK wide, Europe and rest of the world, Just get in touch for quotes.


Repeat Business?

We like to keep in touch with the key contact in the company, to let you know about our latest offers, we often promote very reasonable offers based on other products such as cheap business cards that month. We can you’re your previous artwork and job specifications in our system, allowing you to tweak a previous leaflet for a future campaign, or to use the same Pantone colour references and fonts. Contact us

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